Horror Remix brings all the fun, none of the plot

The concept behind Horror Remix is simple: take several slasher flicks, horror movies, and gore pictures, then remove all of the extraneous plot-forwarding and pointless dialogue. What you’re left with is all the gore and nudity — the fun parts, essentially.

It’s been popular as hell down at Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse, and we’re now lucky enough to be blessed with its presence in Kansas City. Starting tonight and tomorrow, and running every Wednesday and Thursday in April, the Studio Movie Grill at Zona Rosa will run a different Horror Remix — and they’re free, too.

This week, it’s RUSH, with “2 hours of sorority slashers!” The remix is cut together from the House On Sorority Row, Killer Party, and Hell Night. Check the flier for the remaining weeks, and peep the trailer for a taste of what you’ll be getting.

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