Hoping to hide from prying eyes? Missouri ranks as third best state to live off the grid in 2021

Study ranks Missouri as the third best state to live off the grid in 2021 // Photo courtesy of LawnStarter’s website

It’s been a rough year to say the least and we’re equal parts excited and scared for what 2021 might hold. The good news is that if things go from bad to worse, Missouri offers a great place to live off the grid. While some states discourage its residents to move to the middle of nowhere, Missouri ranked #3 in a recent study put together by LawnStarter.

LawnStarter weighed how states ranked based on data from categories of each state’s feasibility, infrastructure, climate, cost, and safety. Specific data within these categories considered things such as the average per-acre cost of farmland, the legality of rainwater harvesting, and average monthly temperature.  

 Missouri’s Rank for Some of the Living Off the Grid Metrics (1 = Best)

  • Legality of Living Off the Grid – 1st
  • Potential for Solar Power – 25th
  • Phone Coverage – 20th
  • Average Monthly Temperature – 19th
  • Cost of Living – 4th
  • Number of Rural Health Clinics per 1,000 sq. miles – 2nd

Along with highlights and lowlights, the study also includes feedback from experts on potential questions for those of you considering making the jump.

Click here for the full study.

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