There is nothing groundbreaking about Honky‘s music. And that’s what makes it rock. In an age of smoothly produced indie rock and an ever-slick DJ scene, this horny trio of high-voltage Texans amps up rough, driven music that’ll hit you in the head like a cast-iron skillet. Honky makes no bones about the beautiful primitiveness of the sound it learned from Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top. “So basic it’s hard to explain,” the group’s Web site declares. Balls Out Inn, the band’s newest release, continues the ruckus begun by the group’s debut, House of Good Tires, adding raunchy numbers such as “Plugs, Mugs and Jugs” and “I Like the Way You Have Fun.” Led by J.D. Pinkus of the legendary Butthole Surfers, this threesome is indeed a fine set of Southern gentlemen. But make no mistake, their devilish music is hungry and grungy, and booties will shake. >

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