Hit the Road

Cincinnati’s Scribble Jam is the largest annual hip-hop festival in the country, but it’s more than just a who’s who of underground rappers, B-boys, DJs and graffiti artists. The bragging rights associated with winning one of its competitions are priceless. The three-day event, hosted by Murs, kicks off Thursday night at Top Cats (2820 Vine, 513-281-2005) with a CD-release party for Glue (whose lead lyricist, Adeem, ousted Mac Lethal in the 2001 finals). On Friday and Saturday, the competitions get rolling at Annie’s (4343 Kellogg, 513-321-2572) along with performances from Big Daddy Kane, Brother Ali, Mr. Dibbs and several others. If three days of hip-hop are more than you can handle, get your rocks off with X and the Rollins Band at Bogart’s (2621 Vine, 513-281-8400) Saturday night.

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