Hidden Emotions

The theme of John Barnes’ show concerns what can happen upon the failure to glimpse inward. OV: A Journey Into Hidden Emotions contains excerpts from, and twists on, the filmmaker’s forthcoming video series about the extreme and sometimes dangerous effects of secret feelings that bubble to the surface. The gallery is open from 6 to 11 p.m. The festivities include an 8 p.m. performance by Them Damned Young Livers, for which a $5 donation is requested.

• MLB Furnishings & Décor Gallery (2020 Baltimore, Suite 105). The inspiration behind Michael Baxley‘s mixed-media creations isn’t quite so heavy, but it’s very involved. He takes photographs and transfers them onto wood, and then hand-forms porcelain flower blossoms, which he glazes, fires and affixes to the wood. See his latest three-dimensional pieces at tonight’s opening.— Crystal K. Wiebe

Fri., Jan. 7, 6-11 p.m., 2011