Heroes and Villains

Cinematic is a word that often emerges in conjunction with Heroes and Villains’ melodramatic brand of indie. For the group’s latest EP, Plans in Motion, the description isn’t unfounded. The local band (formerly known as Walter Alias) creates symphonic tracks culled from Muse’s bombast and Queen’s operatic verve. (The orchestral backdrop of “Ones We Dare Not Speak Of” has glimmers of John Williams’ Harry Potter score.) Frontman Ryan Wallace’s powerful warble recalls that of Keane singer Tom Chaplin as it soars over slick songwriting that ranges in mood from flirty charm to thudding intensity. But, at times, instead of plumbing the sonic depths of Heroes and Villains’ epic vision, Plans in Motion settles for breadth. “You Are Not Alone” is coated in a lush sparkling gloss but doesn’t channel the emotional fervor of the EP’s stronger tracks. Plans in Motion‘s title track forgoes theatrics in favor of a snarky melody, thrumming guitar and hand claps that steer the band in the direction of the Killers’ punchy brightness rather than Coldplay’s tired Britpop. The edge serves Heroes and Villains well; if fame is a ticking time bomb, Plans in Motion should help Heroes and Villains explode.

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