Here’s what Missouri Department of Transportation employees have to say about working for the agency

While reporting for this week’s feature story about a spate of discrimination lawsuits against the Missouri Department of Transportation, we heard that the agency took a survey to gauge how employees felt about their jobs.

The Pitch filed a Missouri Sunshine Law request to obtain the results and the comments that employees left in an open-ended section of the survey, among other things.

The document below lists the comments that employees left while taking the survey. The document runs 87 pages long. Many of the comments speak to complaints about wage stagnation, low morale, and allusions to managers promoting their buddies rather than employees who deserve to climb the MoDOT ladder.

A few comments reveal paranoia about management trying to discover the identities of those leaving negative comments about MoDOT. If that was true, MoDOT managers would have their work cut out for them. While it certainly appears that some employees are happy to work at MoDOT, it’s fair to say most of the comments speak to malaise within employee ranks at MoDOT.

Working in government during times of austerity can’t be easy, but the preponderance of the feedback from employees seems to indicate that MoDOT is…well, just read the comments and judge for yourself.

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