Hello Superworld


Yes, Hello Superworld shamelessly ripped off the whole you-can’t-have-too-many-people-in-the-band shtick from the Polyphonic Spree — though the band never really claimed it hadn’t. Hello Superworld’s name is even taken from a lyric in “Geeareohdoubleyou” by Tripping Daisy, the ’90s group that spawned the Spree. But Hello Superworld does draw the line at that whole hippie thing. Its members wear neckties. The band is an outgrowth of last winter’s Danger Bob reunion show, the “Mollyphonic Spree,” in which the late local act’s greatest hits were re-created with an orchestra and a choir. Hello Superworld marks guitarist and theme-park enthusiast Andy Morton’s return alongside a new collective of band geeks in order to enlighten us with good times, plain and simple. None of that metaphysical mumbo jumbo here. Rather, horns, trumpets and instruments galore used on Morton’s new songs and old standards. If the Polyphonic Spree doesn’t appreciate Hello Superworld stepping on its turf, well, then they can all just step outside and have a rumble. Oh, wait, that’s right … hippies. Advantage: Hello Superworld.

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