Hell on Earth: The Midwest Metal/Hardcore Fest

Carnage, burn, dislocate, kill: A quick word-search of this festival’s lineup yields these intimidating results, which, as metal fans know, bodes well for the caliber of brutality to be unleashed. (For reference, “limp” is not such an indicator.) The headliners (Cephalic Carnage on Saturday and the Dillinger Escape Plan on Sunday) mix grindcore fury with jazz and prog-rock touches. Other big names include Hellchild, a Japanese extreme metal group, and Candiria, perhaps the most underground-credible band to incorporate elements of hip-hop into its attack. Speaking of Element, that KC-based group is one of several acts to represent the region. Origin, a Lawrence quintet whose Relapse Records debut will soon unleash such songs as “Vomit You Out” on an unsuspecting public, Punchline, whose pummeling full-length Break Your Neck will hit the streets before long, and local rap/metal veterans Canvas and Killswitch will also supply a dose of local flavor. For a full list of all 25 bands, rife with such words as “decay” and “disgorge,” check out the schedule on www.eltorreon.com.

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