Heat-Spurs Game 1 Tickets The Cheapest NBA Finals Game Of Big Three Era

After a relatively easy path through the Eastern Conference Finals the Miami Heat are now on the verge of becoming just the fourth franchise to ever “three-peat” joining the Bulls, Celtics and Lakers. The Los Angeles Lakers were the last team to accomplish such a feat over the 2000-2002 seasons with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal for the second time in franchise history (Minneapolis Lakers in 1952-54) to join the Bulls (1991-93, 1996-98) as the only team to “three-peat” twice while the Celtics won a mind blowing eight in a row from 1959-1966.

The Heat find themselves here by way of dispatching, in order, the Charlotte Bobcats, Brooklyn Nets and Indiana Pacers. The only thing standing in the way of “three-peating” for the Miami Heat will be the the San Antonio Spurs, the team they met in the Finals a season ago and needed to go to a decisive seventh game to beat them. Last season the Heat-Spurs NBA Final saw tickets average $974, however this year that number has taken a bit of a hit and is now down by $50 from 2013 with Miami Heat tickets are now averaging $924 for the series as a whole.

Additionally, last year the cheapest game of the series was Game 3 in San Antonio which averaged $733, however this season the most reasonable ticket is Game 1 at the AT&T Center. As of Wednesday tickets were averaging $668 but today that number has dropped by $105 to presently average $533. That makes this the cheapest NBA Finals ticket of the “Big 3” era; in fact you would have to all the way back to 2010 when the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics squared off to find a cheaper NBA Finals game. Apart of that series was sharpshooting swingman Ray Allen as a then-member of the Celtics.

No longer is Allen on the Celtics but rather now a member of the Heat and was one of the biggest reasons that Miami was able to pull out an unbelievable comeback win in Game 6 last year that allowed for the Heat to win their second consecutive championship. Game 6 is going for the highest of any in the series averaging $1,211 but you can expect this to change assuming the series goes the distance to a deciding seventh game which will surely see prices go up from its current average of $1,054. 

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