Head Game

FRI 1/16

Dino Delevski is kicking some serious ass for the Comets. For two years straight, the 27-year-old forward scored more goals than anyone in the league, netting himself consecutive Spalding scoring titles and MVP awards. After collecting a hat trick in last year’s All-Star Game, the Macedonian Menace was voted game MVP. This guy just gives and gives. At press time, Delevski had scored 24 goals in 15 games. Not a bad start for what should be another stellar season. So what’s a Kansas City team to do in honor of its star athlete? Delevski is still alive and kicking, so a monument might be premature. But why not a mini-monument? A mini-monument with a shaky head!

The Wizards’ goalkeeper, Tony Meola, got a bobblehead in 2002. The Star‘s marathon man, Jason Whitlock, got a similarly extreme makeover the same year. There are plenty of bobbleheads out there, but the Dino Delevski bobble is special.

First of all, only 3,000 are available. But, more important for true bobblehead collectors, Delevski could be the first-ever Macedonian to be celebrated in bobble. In addition to the mini-Delevskis, the Comets have a Family Four-Pack deal for Friday’s 7:35 p.m. match (admission, hot dogs and Cokes for four for $40). For tickets, call 816-513-4000.— Michael Vennard

All Natural

Sierra Club repairs Hidden Valley.

SAT 1/17

Civic and business leaders have been abuzz with enthusiasm for their downtown projects lately. We applaud all efforts to enrich our urban core, but let’s not forget about nature. The Kansas Chapter of the Sierra Club hasn’t. The group last year adopted the 82-acre Hidden Valley Natural Area to restore its ecosystem. Located just northwest of downtown, north of Highway 210 and west of Interstate 435, Hidden Valley is located in the southern portion of Hidden Valley Park. The park offers the kind of deeply shaded northern exposure that ferns love. Unfortunately, other invasive plants and yahoos with illegal off-road vehicles threaten the ferns, especially the rare Goldie’s fern. To find out how and when you can help this Saturday, call 816-453-8558.— Vennard

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