Hazing, the Sluts, Steddy P and more: November’s must-see local music videos

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The holidays are upon us, and it seems we’ve been given a stack of early gifts in the form of all these new videos. There’s a helping of hip-hop from Steddy P and CES Cru, garage rock from the Sluts and the Conquerors and even some modern rocking from the likes of Hazing and Sweet Ascent. They’re all here to rock you aurally and visually in this month’s Cine Local.

Hazing, “Ghost Runner at Home”
October 30

VHS is evidently the hot way to make your video look these days. Hazing’s first single off their upcoming Disconsolate LP looks like it was shot in a basement, and the emotionally charged delivery should resonate with anyone who’s ever had a good cry listening to anything released on Fueled by Ramen.

David George & A Crooked Mile, “Hey, Kansas City!”
November 2

It’s the World Series champions video! Now, the song might be the official touchdown anthem for the Chiefs, but George’s song was inspired by last season’s pennant run, so it seems only appropriate that the first video features lots and lots of Royals fans.

Jorge Arana Trio, “Crime of Passion Fruit”
November 2

This video, directed by Be/Non’s Brodie Rush, is absolutely astounding. It’s like an old EC comic book come to life, mixed with an abstract sense of action and adventure. The track, from the Trio’s Oso EP on Haymaker Records, propels everything along and keeps everything nicely tense and uncomfortable as it goes along.

The Sluts, “Be With You”
November 3

I Heart Local Music’s Fally Afani directed this video for Lawrence’s the Sluts, and it’s a nicely minimal affair that really emphasizes the band’s music. The array of dancing and rocking out on display here makes this a tutorial for how you need to lose your shit the next time this duo rocks a stage.

Steddy P, “Perfect (Hustle)”
November 13

Another baller video, directed by Barrel Maker. It’s a rap battle in the back of a shoe store, with Steddy P the referee absolutely killing all the competitors. The beat’s an incessant banger, and this might be the highlight of Steddy P’s latest, Picture Perfect Broken Home.


Monta at Odds, “Relentless Pursuit”
November 23

Haymaker Records artists evidently know how to make a visually-arresting video. This one, directed by Sam Frickleton, showcases a track from Monta at Odds’ Robots of Munich LP. It looks like it’s something which would’ve been projected behind a band in 1969 while they were playing the Fillmore, and that’s pretty awesome.

CES Cru, “Famished”
November 24

It takes a certain kind of musical act to be able to look hard while they’re eating a sandwich, then riding around on go karts. CES Cru’s that rare act. It’s all about confidence, and knowing that if you do it right, you can look like hot shit, no matter what, especially if you’re track’s on-point, as is this one from their Recession Proof EP.

The Conquerors, “You Must Be Dreaming”
November 24

The video’s for the a-side of the Conquerors’ upcoming High Dive Records single, and we can’t wait to spin this one at our next sock hop. It’s swimmy, dreamy bit of garage pop. The video starts off looking like vintage prom footage, only to go Technicolor in its final moments. As everything goes awry, the band plays on.

Sweet Ascent, “My Wishing Well”
November 24

It seems that Sweet Ascent’s not averse to making some sort of social statement with their video. Given that the sweetly pop singing mixes with the dirty guitars, and the video’s shot in what appears to be a decaying suburban home, we can only assume this is a meditation on the loss of the American dream.

Are you a local musician with a music video? Send the link to natalie.gallagher@pitch.com.

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