Harvester’s Food Bank helping fight food scarcity through double donations this summer

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Double donation runs through August 31st. // Courtesy of Harvesters

Harvester’s mission is to feed hungry people today and work to end hunger tomorrow. This is a pledge they are making good on as they continue to work to bring awareness about food scarcity.

“We would not have been able to respond to this pandemic if it weren’t for the community stepping up and helping, says Kim Gasper, Director of Fund Development at Harvesters. “We’re so grateful and it would not be possible if we didn’t have strong community support or relationships.”

Harvester’s is a community food network that serves 26 counties across Kansas and Missouri. It was founded in May of 1979 in Kanas City and has been around in some iteration ever since. The nonprofit is currently focused on providing food support to local Kansas City metro food pantries serving children, families and seniors, homeless shelters, and educating the community on food scarcity.

Currently, Harvesters is running a campaign alongside Cable Dahmer Automotive Group. The company will match any donations given during the summer, doubling the dollar amount of each donation.

The double donation campaign runs through August 31 and is a perfect opportunity for anyone planning on donating to maximize their efforts. The campaign couldn’t come at a more crucial time, as food scarcity is even more prevalent in the community after the effects of the pandemic begin to set in. 

How it works:

Typically, Harvester’s equates each dollar given to three meals in the community. But through the current campaign, each dollar now goes further, providing as many as six meals for those in need.

The food bank is able to do this by utilizing a combination of donated food from local and national food donors, as well as the ability to purchase food at lower prices by buying high quantities.

Harvesters focuses on our expertise in acquiring and distributing food so our partners can provide direct client services and distribute food to hungry people in their local communities,” says Gasper. The end goal being that more people are provided wider access to food. 

Employing 150 individuals and nearly 85 volunteers, Harvester’s has the capacity to safely handle, store, and transport large quantities of food to their agency network within the region. It relies on the community to help build the framework to make a change, which is why the double donation campaign is important.

That’s not without saying it has not encountered issues surrounding the rise of COVID-19 within the region.

“High consumer demand and supply chain challenges caused the supply chain to seize up during the peak in March 2020” says Gasper.

Production and distribution efforts bounced back and reports from their lastest fiscal year show they distributed the most food in the organization’s history. 

This is an organization that is doing work to better the community and that deserves our recognition.

Donations will continue to be accepted year-round. You can make a tax-deductible donation here. Food and other goods will also be accepted at local Price Choppers. Volunteering time is another way to help or simply lending your voice to help bring awareness to the issues which you can learn more about here.

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