Halfacre Gunroom

Don’t be fooled by the prominent Deathwish Records symbol on the back of Halfacre Gunroom‘s criminally overlooked 2004 debut album, Wrecked, or the group’s propensity for tossing out covers of Belle & Sebastian and Pulp. Unlike hardcore labelmates Converge and Some Girls, these Memphis boys bleed pure country heartache and whiskey-soaked melancholy. Vocalist Bryan Hartley drawls with the wisdom found only in those burdened by too many late nights and broken hearts, as churning organ, stripped-down riffs and bashing beats whistle Dixie with a barnstorming flair. In fact, Wrecked possesses the sunburned twang of grizzled Johnny Cash if the Man in Black were obsessed with the Clash as a teenager and later counted Lucero as pals.

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