Halal meals offered to front-line workers during Ramadan via On Call Halal

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For Muslim members of our community, this time is more than the endless news cycles, social distancing, and efforts to stay safe. The observance of Ramadan, beginning April 23 and ending May 23, falls right during a global pandemic, leaving many wondering how healthcare workers observing this holiday will be able to fulfill their religious duties alongside their community ones.

While observing Ramadan, Muslims are expected to fast from dawn to sunset each day of the month. This practice is sacred to the tradition and breaking fast at sunset with one’s family and friends is an important and community-building event.

For healthcare workers especially, the absence of breaking bread with loved ones during this time puts a damper on a typically joyous time. That’s where On Call Halal comes in with free meals to Muslim workers on the front line. Putting halal-friendly meals on the plates of practicing healthcare workers is the main priority of On Call Halal.

On Call Halal seeks to close the gap of what hospitals are providing for their Muslim workers and their needs to care for the community and themselves during this time. “Hospitals are doing amazing things for their workers and there are endless amounts of programs and restaurants stepping up to donate food and meals to feed the frontlines but a lot of these ‘respite rooms’ close before sunset and aren’t always inclusive of meals that observant Muslims can eat if they want to ‘keep halal,'” said Kaitlin at On Call Halal.

Our community’s commitment to helping one another during this time is unprecedented and warms our hearts in ways that give us the hope we all need right now. Visit On Call Halal’s site for more information and ways to donate.

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