Hairy Beard-ini

Some women are turned off by beards, though history shows that beards represent power and sexual virility. Perhaps your man who’s rockin’ chin pubes is a king among men. Or maybe the dude’s just a bum and too lazy to shave. Regardless, a well-groomed beard is a marvel — at least at midtown dive Chez Charlie (3809 Broadway, 816-753-9247).”A couple friends and I were complaining we couldn’t grow beards,” says bartender Bobby Asher. “So we decided to have a contest to see what we could do.” Today’s your last day to enter the beard contest, so take your $10 entry fee and your cleanshaven mug down to Charlie’s, where Asher will snap your photo. Then sit tight and let the follicle magic happen all winter long. Judgment day isn’t till February 13, when a panel of ladies and a surprise guest will be on hand to judge. Rules, Bobby? “Basically, no fake hair, no implants and no weaves.”

Mon., Nov. 19, 2007