Hairy Apes BMX and the Dead Kenny G’s

High-energy space jams are the name of the game Saturday when brothers in freak-out Hairy Apes BMX and the Dead Kenny G’s come to the Bottleneck. Though the two groups differ in sound, they share the same mission: Take a stone groove and torture it to within an inch of its funky life, then resuscitate it at the last moment. Along with the spirit of experimentalism, the bands also share semi-local musician Mike Dillon, a master percussionist whose bag of tricks goes beyond the typical drum kit to include tablas, vibes, loop effects and even gardening implements. Accompanying Dillon in the DKG’s are Brian Haas, whose day job is playing keys for the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, and a man known simply as Skerik, who has played soprano saxophone for Critters Buggin. Thanks to their previous experience together in different bands and on the road, these guys have the Jedi mind link going on. And that makes for some kick-ass experimental music — to which one can even occasionally dance.

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