Guilt-Free Food

Nobody wants a slice of sweatshop labor on their hamburger or a side of overtime exploitation with their taco. And so since 2001, the Alliance for Fair Food has been urging the fast-food industry and its consumers to wise up to the labor rights of tomato pickers in Florida, who work for poverty-level wages with no overtime pay and no right to organize. Having won agreements with Taco Bell and McDonald’s, the organization now targets Burger King. The Lawrence Fair Food chapter plans to shed light on the tomato pickers’ situation with a six-mile march and picnic meal in Burger King’s parking lot on August 25. To raise money for the effort, though, the group is hosting a buffet dinner from 6 to 11 p.m. tonight. It comes complete with live music, dancing and child care at the Ecumenical Christian Ministries (1204 Oread). Chip in a $5 to $10 donation (kids eat free) and keep refilling your plate with pasta not made in a sweatshop. For more information, call 785-331-2954.

Alliance for Fair Food