Green Gathering

Sustainable living has been experiencing its own version of a Burning Man gathering since August 4, when the Midwest Permaculture Convergence hit Lawrence. Except, this is a gathering of eco-activists trying to save the planet, not body-painted glow-stick twirlers having a techno orgy. Example: California permaculture educator Warren Brush. Through Sunday, he’s leading a series of workshops on sustainable design (meaning the design of agricultural or living systems that imitate nature), in addition to the weekend’s other activities — including camping, yoga and potlucks — at Karlin Family Farms (3033 Kasold Drive, 785-371-4700). Registration for the Karlin events is on a sliding-fee scale from $50-$300 (or $50-$150 if attending Saturday and Sunday only), but organizers are accepting barter based on need.

Aug. 4-7, 2010