Green Day

Everybody knows that Green Day issued an instant classic when American Idiot hit the shelves last September. But critics, fans and MTV have been so busy embracing Idiot, they’ve forgotten that Green Day remains a band best experienced in concert. Yes, Billie Joe and company have aged, and no, they don’t sound or look remotely close to punk-rock anymore, but the trio hasn’t forgotten how to deliver the live goods. Straying far from its DIY roots, Green Day sets are now mainstream affairs with backup musicians, crowd-pleasing covers, confetti canons, pyro and arena-sized showmanship. And that’s what makes the group’s shows so much fun. Rather than pose as the gutter punks of yesteryear, Green Day bearhugs its newfound popularity, showing its legion of imitators how to age gracefully and still rock with the best of ’em.

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