Great Plains SPCA to hold ‘Puppy Pooper Bowl’ fundraiser on Super Bowl Sunday

Pooper Bowl

Puppy Pooper Bowl logo.// Courtesy of Great Plains SPCA

The Great Plains SPCA in Mirriam, Kan. is hosting a new kind of Super Bowl celebration Feb. 7. At 11 a.m., the shelter will be hosting their “Puppy Pooper Bowl” fundraiser to raise money for the no-kill shelter and set the mood for the Super Bowl later in the day. 

The Pooper Bowl will be a game of chance in which entrants buy a tile on a 15’ by 15’ field of sorts before the event. Once the clock strikes 11, the SPCA will release puppies onto the field. And then we will all wait for them to poop. The tile of the field that the puppy poops on will determine the winner of the fundraiser. The person that guesses correctly and purchases the tile where the first puppy poops will win a $250 prize. Second place, or second poop, prize will be a goody basket full of treats for your furry friend. And as a bonus, the person who bought the first square to get peed on will win a dog water bottle and bowl. 

“We’re getting into the Super Bowl spirit here at Great Plains SPCA and are anticipating Pooper Bowl almost as much as seeing the Chiefs repeat,” Tracy Lewandowski, senior manager of events and programs at Great Plains SPCA said in a press release. 

The Pooper Bowl will be livestreamed via the SPCA’s Facebook page beginning at 11 a.m. Feb. 7. Squares can be purchased before the event at this link. The pooper bowl field is composed of 225 squares, meaning there are 225 chances to win.

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