Grateful Grass didn’t let the heat stop the stomp at Knuckleheads

Photo Jul 24 1 05 34 Pm

Keller Williams. // photo credit Allison Scavo

Grateful Grass
ft. The Local Honeys, Jake Keegan Band, Whiskey Mash Band, Lily B Moonflower Band, and Keller Williams with The HillBenders
Saturday, July 23

It was 105 degrees outside, but that didn’t stop the stomp. Local Honeys kicked off the evening by interacting with the audience and telling stories of the songs. Their asking the audience if they could relate always led to a hilarious follow up story. Jake Keegan Band got the crowd on their feet with both covers and originals, including one about the Damn Rona. Whiskey Mash was excitable and energetic from the moment they walked on stage playing good time bluegrass. Lily B. Moonflower gracefully harmonized with the crowd with beautiful songs, including a rendition of “Bennie & The Jets.” Keller Williams and The Hillbenders brought in a completely packed house and brought it down with bluegrass Grateful Dead. Their zestful dynamic truly got the crowd roaring. Keller’s transmissible smile always sets the tone for a fun show.

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