Grand Champeen

We first caught Grand Champeen years ago in the unlikeliest of places: a volleyball court. On a balmy Tuesday night, the quartet spent the evening paying homage to its most obvious influence, the Replacements, among barefoot, tank-top-sporting Westport Beach Clubbers. Grand Champeen persevered, however, and rollicked through its set, interchanging bratty roots-rock originals with the occasional winning cover of a song by its Twin Cities heroes or Elvis Costello. Though the Austin, Texas, band doesn’t share a birthplace with Elvis or the ‘Mats, Grand Champeen shares with its idols an I-don’t-care-just-lemme-play attitude. Together more than ten years, Grand Champeen has released three full-lengths on Texas-based Glurp Records and trekked up and down the United States, even sharing a bill in 2003 with Lawrence’s the Anniversary during a long-hair phase. Though it’s been a long time since we’ve seen them, we trust that Grand Champeen hasn’t changed a thing.

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