Grab local music for a good cause in Feb. 2023’s Bandcamp Friday

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Friday, February 3 is Bandcamp Friday, when all sales for 24 hours will go directly to the musicians. The Pitch staff rounded up some of our favorite recent releases to help gather support for some of our great KC-based artists. Listen below, and if you want to buy their music, do so while the profits go straight to their pockets.

Tag Me, I’m In by The Sexy Accident

The Sexy Accident serves up quirky alt-pop with introspective lyrics and upbeat instrumentals. This 2-song EP was released Jan. 27, 2023, so it’s hot off the press and ready for your listening pleasure. The band’s name promises fun and irony, and the music delivers on those promises. You’ll want to dance or cry, or both at the same time.

Scratch ‘N Sniff by The Whiffs

The Whiffs create dreamy and energetic pop-rock, a la The Shins. Their upcoming album, Scratch ‘N Sniff, releases March 1 as both a digital album and a physical record, for all you vinyl purists. Make sure to put in your pre-order before copies of the vinyl sell out so you can get your wistful listening on in classic style.

Music from Montana Story by Kevin Morby

Original score/soundtrack for the film Montana Story, by Kansas City alternative artist Kevin Morby. The film’s soundtrack shows more of Morby’s folk music skillset. If Townes Van Zandt were making music today, this is what it would sound like. Drown your wanderlust in Morby’s acoustic crooning with this album released Jan. 25.

Manic Fever by Greg Wheeler and the Poly Mall Cops

Greg Wheeler and the Poly Mall Cops are punk rock in the vein of the Violent Femmes. This album is full of fun music with a fuck-you attitude. The new album will release as both a vinyl record on Feb. 24 and a digital album March 24, so choose your preferred listening method, or order both.

The Muse Ascends by Girlsperm

A three-piece all-girl punk rock group? We’re sold. The digital album and vinyl record of The Muse Ascends were released in June 2022, and produced by local feminist-punk record label Thrilling Living. Channel your fine, feminine rage as you rock out to Girlsperm’s latest.

Music to Go Nuts by Judy and the Jerks

More women-led punk rock from Kansas City record label Thrilling Living. We’re thrilled and living for it. Listen to Judy and the Jerks wail out their wild feminist noise in this digital LP released in August 2022. The band also has an EP, Music for Donuts, released in 2019—you can still score the digital album, but the vinyl has rightfully sold out.

Chupacabra: 2005-2010 by Chupacabra

For more than 25 years of making music, we have heard Chupacabra’s sound change multiple times. In their newest album, Chupacabra: 2005-2010, the band, made of Dane Howard and Ryan Miller, curated songs that reflected their sound between 2005 and 2010. The tracks on this album have a folk sound that emphasizes their passionate lyrics and heartfelt instrumentals.

it’s not what you want anymore by Harrison Breshears

it’s not what you want anymore (Vol. 1) is your new study, sleep, and vibe album. Harrison Breshears, a musician and graphic designer studying at the Kansas City Art Institute, released this album of ambient music Jan. 9. The 10 short tracks feature slow guitar riffs that will lull you into a state of relaxation and tranquility.

Engine Check by Leg Yield

Leg Yield’s first album of the year, Engine Check, releases March 20, 2023. Matthew Perrin, the evil mastermind behind this noise rock album, wrote, recorded, and mixed this project between Nov. 21 and Dec. 31, 2022. The seven tracks “twist and turn like a tuned-out shitbox on a track,” Perrin says. A limited edition vinyl of the album is available for pre-order on Bandcamp, but you need to hurry because they are selling out fast.

small by D.A. Bennett

D.A. Bennett makes his Bandcamp debut with the indie album small. The 8-song album is led by strong acoustic guitar, while Bennett’s voice floats in the background. This was a solo project, completely written and recorded by the artist.

Third Eye by Emad Drastic Measures Saad

“Third Eye” is the newest rap/experimental hip-hop track by Emad Drastic Measures Saad. The song features various Bandcamp artists, including Hell Razah, King David Son, Metacaum, and EDK. When the song was released Dec. 30, 2022, seven collector CDs were made and quickly sold out. The track is now available for digital download, including separate acapella and instrumental tracks, so listeners can focus on every layer of the song.

Carry the Wheel by Absinthe Mind/Dead Minutes

Carry the Wheel is a collaboration album between Absinthe Mind and Dead Minutes, with Isaac Diehl steering the ship. Diehl, a member of both bands, brought together Jerett Fulton (Dead Minutes), Jared Lee (Absinthe Mind), and the Diehl family to press a limited vinyl of Isaac Diehl’s music independently. Their indie rock style incorporates overlapping voices and heart-quickening instrumentals to “inspire you to run away from all of your problems and to get lost in the wilderness,” the artists say.

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