GQ profiles Scott Roeder and George Tiller

The man accused of killing Wichita abortion provider George Tiller spoke in extensive detail with GQ writer Devin Friedman.

Among the newsworthy points.

  • Roeder almost missed the May 31 church service.
  • Roeder had went to the previous Sunday’s church service “to kill Dr. George Tiller” but he wasn’t in church that Sunday.
  • Roeder had long thought of killing Tiller, dating back to 1993.

Then there’s this:

In the past few years he’d come up with a few brainstorms on how to kill Tiller. He had one idea where he wouldn’t actually kill him, just cut off his hands with a sword or machete or something, but that was problematic.1 He’d also considered murdering him at his house. He’d driven by the Tillers’, but they lived in a gated community, with a high wall. Probably the most involved plan was this scenario where Scott would buy a high-powered sniper’s rifle, climb onto the roof of the office at the abandoned car lot across the street from the clinic, and shoot George Tiller as he drove into his parking lot.2 In the end, though, he decided the simplest thing was to do it at Dr. Tiller’s church.

Those are just a few of the main points. Read the full story. It’s worth the time.

Hat tip to the Ron Sylvester of the Wichita Eagle.

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