Gov’t Mule

Warren Haynes’ rock résumé is a hippie’s dream. Over the years, he has lent his guitar licks and throaty blues yowl to the likes of Phil Lesh, the Allman Brothers Band and the Dead. He even co-wrote “Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House,” for Garth Brooks in a moment of country bliss. Haynes’ own heady outfit, Gov’t Mule, is hippie music that actually rocks, with Southern-tinged psychedelia propelled by Haynes’ gritty energy. The band has continued rocking without its original bassist, the late Allen Woody (who died in 2000), a member of the Allman Brothers with Haynes. At least 20 renowned bassists (including Flea) paid homage to Woody on both volumes of Mule’s broad, dark Deep End tribute set. Andy Hess ably does the honors now.

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