Gov. Mike Parson ends Missouri’s participation in all federal COVID-19 related unemployment benefits

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Missouri is joining a growing list of Republican-led states pulling participation from unemployment programs providing relief from COVID-19. // Image courtesy of Gov. Mike Parson

Starting June 12, unemployment benefit programs stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic will no longer be available to Missouri residents.

Gov. Mike Parson announced today that he’s pulling the state’s participation in them.


Missouri will be the sixth Republican-led state to pull participation from COVID-19 related unemployment benefit programs. A growing number of states plan to revoke the extra $300 a week for COVID-19 relief, including Arkansas, Montana, South Carolina, and Mississippi.

Parson stated during the announcement, which was live-streamed from the capitol in Jefferson City, that Missouri’s employment increased by over 15,000 jobs in March of this year. Per the state’s Department of Labor, Missouri’s unemployment rate sat at 4.2% as of March.

Claiming that this decision was one of “common sense”, he says businesses across the state are suffering from labor shortages, not from challenges introduced by COVID-19.

“All you’ve got to do is see the help wanted signs,” Parson says.

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