Good News For People Who Like Love!

Next year, Shout Factory will release Hopeless Romantic: The Best of Billy Vera & the Beaters. With a voice so competent and completely indistinct that to hear it, you wouldn’t know if it was Darryl Hall or Billy Joel or any one of a dozen 80s pop balladeers. Vera and his Beaters stroked the yolk of the bar circuit for years and years when suddenly one of Billy’s songs became a HUGE HIT in 1987. Can you guess what it was?

Hint No. 1:

Hint No. 2

Hint No. 3

Yes, love-fans, it was Billy Vera’s hit “At This Moment” that made the two-part Family Ties episode “The Real Thing” — in which Alex P. Keaton (Michael J. Fox) and Ellen Reed (Tracy Pollan) danced, made out, sparred quirkily, declared their love for each other, and got married in real life — one of the most greatest and bestest moments in the history of love, right up there with God impregnating the Virgin Mary’s womb and Tom Cruise apologizing to the unicorns. (Hmm… I guess that makes this Family Ties episode sorta the crowning acheivement of love in the modern world.)

Behold, friends, the moment in the show at which “At This Moment” played:

Now if they’d just release that theme song from the program.

Sha na na naaaa!

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