Golden Animals

Golden Animals‘ psychedelic folk-blues is so persuasive, you expect singer-guitarist Tommy Eisner to arrive in an Afghan coat with beads around his neck, wearing a pair of round, tinted John Lennon glasses. Eisner’s sultry croon bears passing resemblance to Jim Morrison; the Animals’ full-length debut, Free Your Mind and Win a Pony, relies on similarly shambolic, droning grooves. His guitar unfurls dark mesas of reverb, while drummer Linda Beecroft not only drives this ramshackle chuck wagon but also proffers sweet, girlish backing vocals. The duo’s vintage sound still stinks of 40-year-old sativa, and probably more recent inhalations judging from hazyheaded lyrics like She swallows the sunshine/I harvest the moon. But these Animals’ ambling, lighthearted shuffle purveys more than enough charm to overlook the cheese.

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