God Takes Pity On Boys In Blue



Merciful God Briefly Halts Royals Losing Streak

Royals Bye! Royals Bye! Royals Bye! Yesterday, no Royals pitcher was knocked out in the fifth inning, Teahen didn’t turn the wrong way on a line drive to left, Gathright wasn’t get caught stealing at third and no one walks a batter to face Tony Peña.

Bad news: Today’s double-header.

Tony Peña Jr. Ineptitude Watch

Peña in 08′: remains at .132 batting average, .145 on-base percentage, .151 slugging percentage. NL Pitchers in 08′: .128 batting average, .166 on-base percentage, .163 slugging percentage.

Countdown to Old Guys Reading Names to Other Old Guys: An NFL Draft Preview. Part II: Please, For the Love Of God, No More Brody Croyle

On Tuesday, the Star focused on the quarterbacks available in this year’s draft, until recently a quaint irrelevance in Kansas City. The Chiefs used to never start quarterbacks they (presumably by accident) selected in the draft, opting for veterans from elsewhere who “knew the system.” “Knowing the system,” we learned, did not include time management during a playoff game.

So let’s look at the best quarterback in this year’s crop: Matt Ryan of Boston College. Ryan is someone to root for, despite having some unsavory fans with massive heads.


Ryan is absurdly resilient; he survived a car injury that left him with a broken leg, returned to play in a high-school game after being hit so hard by a defender that his helmet flew off his head and played half a season in college with a broken foot.

In short, he is impossible to kill, much like the Terminator. Unlike the man who played opposite to Linda Hamilton, Ryan is quite clever, scoring an impressive score on the NFL’s Wonderlic test. To put that in perspective, Ryan scored better on that test than the average newswriter, particularly those who write for Fox’s Neil Cavuto.

What’s not to like? Average arm strength and inconsistent accuracy. Also, he’s compared to Matt Hasselbeck, raising the specter that a relative of Ryan might inflict herself on American daytime television in the future.

Headline of Day:One potential plan to draft a better Chiefs squad.” What are the others? Carl Peterson relying on the pity of other teams?

Allen to Minnesota for Draft Class to be Named Later

Whoa. That was quick. The Vikings already have a picture of him making a sack in the NFL. Posnaski writes up the implications for the Chiefs in the upcoming draft and relays a great anecdote concerning a Chiefs official’s disenchantment regarding Allen’s fourth-quarter play. If you are fan disenchanted with Carl Peterson, consider wearing this at home games as a silent protest.

Chalmers Tests NBA Draft. Missouri Tiger Imitates Him in Cute, Precious Fashion

Mario Chalmers entered his name in NBA draft, as does this guy. Having his team finish 10th in the Big 12, he had nothing left to prove in college and needed to go to the next level to test his skills.

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