Go tonight! Catching The Master & Margarita at UMKC Beats Getting Drunk

I spilled out of The Master & Margarita drunk on what I’d seen. A comic, wicked, sensual, absurd and moral adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s all-that-times-a-thousand novel about the devil coming to Soviet Moscow, this UMKC production bursts with marvels. A short list: luminous moonscapes, women bewitched into flight, the devil’s own magic show, a cat in a gunfight, the anguish of Pontius Pilate, and many beheadings (comic and not).

There’s a Stalinist pogrom and an erotic broomstick flight. There’s Christ on Calvrary and Satan in a Soviet one-bedroom apartment — attended, happily enough, by a bizarre retinue of a talking cat, a woman soldier and a gorgeous near nudist, all of whom drape about him like the Revolution around Prince.

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