Go Go Go Kart



All parents want to see their kids succeed, especially at sports. But what do you do when your kids are just as uncoordinated as you are? If they’re 54 inches or taller, take them down to Sadlers Indoor Racing (325 North Mur-Len Road in Olathe) and see if you have a dose of lead foot in your progeny.Sadlers boasts that its high-performance English go karts reach speeds of up to 45 miles an hour, and it has three courses — Grand Prix, Oval and European Style Road Race — on which to test them. They may not be able to shoot free throws or hit home runs, but watch in awe as your skinny kids haul ass for the checkered flag in the final stretch. The scrawny ones always win at go-kart racing. For details and prices, call 913-760-7700.
— Michael Vennard

New Pad

Blue Ridge Mall welcomes a fat man in red.

FRI 11/28

Call us naïve, but we never figured Santa’s holiday home was really a mall. Sure, Christmas has been commercialized, but we still like to imagine Santa hard at it in his workshop right up to the last moment. But at the Blue Ridge Mall (4200 Blue Ridge Boulevard) this Friday, Santa’s throwing off the icy shackles of his Arctic day job and coming home to Kansas City.Starting at 11 a.m., the Santa Parade kicks off at the Blue Ridge Tower Building, with Santa’s wagon led by the Raytown South High School marching band. Kids can cheer him on, trying to get their requests in early before Santa ascends to his rightful throne inside the mall. The first 250 families will get a photo of the big man himself and still have plenty of time to dive into the busiest shopping day of the year. Call 816-353-5555 for details.— Chris Sebela


FRI 11/28

Of all the places Santa shows up today, he may be joined by the most friends at Crown Center’s Crayola Christmas Land. At 10 a.m., the jolly fat man cruises into Crown Center’s Grand Boulevard entrance pulled by black Percheron draft horses instead of reindeer. He makes up for what he lacks in reindeer with a flank of friends, including Casey Bear, Perry Penguin, Frosty the Snowman, the Royals’ Sluggerrr and the Chiefs’ K.C. Wolf. Santa’s plushy, peripheral-vision-challenged buddies will chill with him until December 21. Between then and Christmas Eve, Santa’s on his own. For details, call 816-274-8444.— Vennard

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