Gnarly Enterprises invites bands to play in a Shadowbox

Adam Wagner of the bands the Good Foot and Fairbanks and Gnarly Dan of gonzo film and promotions co. Gnarly Enterprises have built a cozy, little living room and, beginning tomorrow night, Wednesday, July 1, they’ll be inviting local musicians to come play in it.

The Shadowbox @ the Sidecar from Gnarly Enterprises on Vimeo.

The wee parlor, officially dubbed the Shadowbox, will be located in the Beaumont Club. Dan and his boys will film the musicians as they perform stripped-down versions of their bands’ (or their own) songs in the small space. The proceedings will be projected onto the wall inside the Sidecar bar, which is located on the other side of the recently renovated Beaumont’s south wall. Yeah … it’s kind of hard to explain — and that’s what makes it all the more intriguing. “I’m excited to have bands with these high-production-value live shows come and kind of dumb it down,” Gnarly Dan tells me, adding that the video results can be posted online to give local bands “viral equity.” Viral equity … he may be on to something.

The series is set to go down on a monthly basis. In the promo trailer above, the two guys at the end of the video getting jacked up on High Life? The shirtless one is Gnarly Dan and the bearded guy in the cutoffs is Wagner. The video was shot by Pitch freelancer Forester Michael, who set up his still camera to shoot six frames per second that were stitched together in “Sledgehammer”-like fashion.

The Shadowbox lights up tomorrow in the Sidecar at 10 p.m. Locals Tommy Hoskins (the Buffalo Saints), Andrew Ashby (the Caves) and Brent Windler (Sons of Great Dane) will take turns singing in the box. Cover is $3. Viral equity is free for the taking.

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