Former Kansas City first lady Gloria Squitiro sent us her new book, and the word bravery is in the subtitle

I wasn’t around KC during the Mayor Mark Funkhouser years, but I occasionally leaf through old Pitch issues and think about how much fun it would have been to cover a mayor whose wife was literally banned from City Hall

That woman, Gloria Squitiro, has written a new book, May Cause Drowsiness and Blurred Vision: The Side Effects of Bravery, which arrived at the ol’ Pitch HQ today. It’s evidently the first in a three-part memoir series that, according to the press release, will tell the story of the rise and fall of Funkhouser and Squitiro in Kansas City. In May Cause Drowsiness, “Gloria swallows her fear of traveling, sets up a campaign office, and prepares for Funk’s run for mayor, which Gloria and Funk decided while sitting on a park bench outside a Kansas City carwash,” according to the marketing materials. 

Readers of future volumes in the series are promised tales of Gloria “without any experience whatsoever, managing her husband’s campaign to the finish line only to learn that being Kansas City’s First Lady will bring legal pitfalls, lost friendships, and personal calamities for her and her family.”  

I just noticed that in the Acknowledgements, Squitiro writes, “In 2011, Funk was blacklisted in Kansas City and we were forced to leave the home where we raised our children and move to Washington, D.C.” (In 2009, Squitiro wrote, of Kansas City, that she “couldn’t believe that [she] was living in this backward, Podunk city.” Funkhouser and Squitiro currently live in Washington, D.C., where Funkhouser is the publisher of Governing magazine.)

I am probably going to skim this book, and I will report back if there is good stuff in it. Until then, for old time’s sake: 

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