Glide On

Get high like a plane during today’s first-ever Lawrence Paper Glider Fly-In. This all-ages “non-competitive exposition” features gliders made by locals plus some submitted from around the world. Judges grade gliders according to various categories, including distance flown, “spectacular crash,” elegance and weirdness. The event finishes with a “free for all” flight. The Fly-In is part of the ongoing Out of Thin Air exhibition, on display in the Lawrence Percolator art space and involving “art pieces that have air or wind as integral components,” according to Percolator member David Loewenstein. The flights take place in the lobby of the Lawrence Arts Center (940 New Hampshire in Lawrence); the Lawrence Percolator can be found in the alley between the Lawrence Arts Center and Ninth Street. The day also includes music and food from noon to 3 p.m. For more information, see

Sun., April 18, 2010