Glenn Miller tells Howard Stern why he hates Jews more than blacks

If you thought white supremacist and all-around hater Glenn Miller received a lot of publicity locally for putting racist ads for his write-in candidacy for U.S. Senate on 980 KMBZ and WDAF-FM, it’s nothing compared to the exposure he received for going on Howard Stern‘s radio show last Friday.

Stern asked Miller who he hated more, blacks or Jews. Miller didn’t hesitate.

“Jews!” Miller said. “A thousand times more. Compared to our Jewish problem, all other problems are mere distractions.”

Stern covered a lot of ground with Miller, who surprisingly called Louis Farrakhan “the greatest black man America has ever produced.” The high praise was nothing compared to his feelings for Adolf Hitler.

“The greatest man who ever walked the earth, in my opinion,” Miller said.

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