Glass Animals drenched us in sweat at recordBar

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Glass Animals in concert // Photo by Archana Sundar

Floorboards shook. Dave’s sweat drenched the first rows.

This past Friday night, Glass Animals came to town. Kansas City is a huge fan of the four member band, and packed Providence Medical Center Amphitheater at their last Kansas City show back in June of 2017, which was actually the first concert I ever went to.

In the time between then and the show on Friday, one of the band members suffered a life-changing injury, which understandably led to a lull in production, rightfully. Dave Bealy, lead singer of the band, posted “dear all, last monday my best friend, and our drummer joe was hit by a truck while on his bike here in dublin.” on Facebook in July of 2018. You can read the post here. With such a traumatic curveball thrown at them, the band focused on supporting their friend, and focusing their full attention on the recovery of drummer Joe Seaward. Miraculously, two years later, the group is able to go on the Déjà vu tour, emphasizing smaller venues “to remind us of what we almost lost” (from Glass Animals’ Instagram post). 

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With Kansas City being the 9th out of 13 shows total on the tour list, Glass Animals made sure to experience KC in only the best of ways – by arriving a day early, and setting out in front of KC’s very own Town Topic to hand out merch. Both Joe and Dave were there, and fans quickly showed out to meet their favorites. They also hid tickets around the city in a series of cryptid tweets, which were eventually redeemed by lucky fans, one even named Charlie with the golden ticket (the irony, huh…) 

At the venue, RecordBar, fans lined up around the block to the sold out show. Their tour bus stalled directly in front of the venue, and 96.5 The Buzz’s van was ready to report on the show. Fans attempted to reach the attention of tour manager Tom Allen, to get a Chief’s themed pineapple onto the stage… which proved to be a successful effort not even half an hour later. 

The show itself was absolutely incredible. The intimacy of Glass Animals has been unmatched. With no opener, the crowd packed the venue, with a balcony bar open to 21+ fans too. Around 8:30, Dave walked on stage, followed by his bandmates, and played the first song of what would become an electric, neon, and sweaty night: Tokyo Drifting.

Here’s the rest of the setlist for the night:

  1. Tokyo Drifting
  2. Black Mambo
  3. Hazey
  4. Poplar Street
  5. Paradise
  6. Space Ghost
  7. Gooey (stylized as Gey on the set sheet on stage)
  8. Heat Waves
  9. Cane Shuga
  10. Youth
  11. Your Love

And for the well deserved, well chanted for encore..

  1. Season 02 Episode 03
  2. Pork Soda

Not only did Dave shred it on stage, but he also walked the edge of the barricade, drenching the front few rows in his sweat, while embracing the fans in two hugs over the course of the show. Even more intimately, he hopped down into the pit and made his way up to the bar counter, where he connected with fans no matter where they were in the room.

This show was a heavy one. With drummer Joe back on tour, playing, interacting, and showing up for Kansas City – the level of love in the room was immeasurable, but showed through with shaking floorboards, vibrating cups, and screaming fans.

Shots from the gig:

Glass Animals are currently on tour in support of their new release “Your Love (Déjà Vu)”

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