Gin Guild anoints J. Rieger & Co.’s Nathan Perry as Master Distiller

Nathan Perry And Tom Nichol

Nathan Perry (left) stands next to current Master Distiller Tom Nichol (right) // Photo Courtesy of Bread & Butter

On Sunday, Oct. 14, in a ceremony at The Gin Guild Autumn Installation and Distillers Banquet, J. Rieger & Co. Head Distiller Nathan Perry was granted the title of Master Distiller.

The Gin Guild was first established by the Worshipful Company of Distillers to provide leadership and experience with gin distillers around the world. Through the Gin Guild’s mission, Perry was able to receive expertise and knowledge from one of the company’s current Master Distillers.

J. Rieger & Co. was first introduced to Master Distiller Tom Nichol when the company set out to make an exceptional London Dry style gin after the grand’s revival back in 2014. Nichol joined the historic Kansas City-based company’s mission, passing down his knowledge of distilling to Perry along the way. 

After many years of working together, Master Distiller Nichol granted Perry the title of Master Distiller. This title can only be passed down from a current Master Distiller within the guild, and Nichol is proud to have passed the honor to Perry.

“Working with Nathan on J. Rieger & Co.’s Midwestern Dry Gin has been the experience of a lifetime,” says Nichol. “The moment I met Nathan, I knew he was special. Nathan is the perfect student to tutor and giving him the title of Master Distiller is not something I take lightly. He’s such a nice young guy and a rare talent, and if he’s not better than me in five years, I would be very surprised.”

Nichol and Perry’s collaboration has resulted in the formulation of the Midwestern Dry Gin, which can be found at J. Rieger & Co.

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