Gil Mantera’s Party Dream

Unlike most ’80s-kitsch groups, Gil Mantera’s Party Dream doesn’t stay stuck behind its synthesizer. Trampolines, costume changes and public hair set aflame are all part of this Ohio trio’s repertoire. Fusing Vocoder-laden hooks and vocals that sound like Will Ferrell pretending to sing, Gil Mantera’s Party Dream slathers on the irony in its vintage-inspired tunes. The band’s hardcore spirit and sleazy aesthetic create a mixture of garish performance art and punk abandon. Opening is Harlem, whose brightly colored garage rock comes steeped in lo-fi Pixies fuzz. And this Austin three-piece has a pervy sense of humor worthy of the Cramps. (Who else, besides Lux Interior, would write a song called “Psychedelic Tits”? Evidently, Harlem would.) Locals Lazy K and the Rich Boys round out this testosterone-heavy lineup.

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