Get spooky with Josh Berwanger, Not a Planet, and Akkilles at RecordBar tonight

There was an interesting little aside last week when I was interviewing Josh Berwanger and Michael Hutcherson ahead of the band’s album-release show tonight at RecordBar. These two dudes, with faces that will suggest they are eternally going to look like they fall in the “under 30” category, got very quiet and very serious when I asked them how old they were for real.

“Our real age or our stage age?” Berwanger asked me stoically, glaring slightly from the shelter of a black hoodie. 

“Um, both,” I said, shrugging. 

“Stage age? Stage age, I’m 54,” Berwanger said. 

“I’m 61,” said Hutcherson, barely looking up from his lunch. 

“But we’re both 35,” Berwanger admitted.

Then we had a discussion about what other celebrity stage ages might be – the guys explained that usually, people age themselves down rather than up – and I was sworn to secrecy regarding a few high-profile individuals.

The Josh Berwanger Band is playing tonight at RecordBar with Not a Planet and Akkilles, so you can go have the stage-age conversation with the man himself. It also happens to be Halloween, in case no one has woken you up with candy yet, so don’t forget your costume (we’re told there will be a contest). For event details, go here. To get you and a friend on the guest list, The Pitch has some limited space left here.

And, if you haven’t read it yet, the full piece on Berwanger lives here.  

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