Get into the groove with Desperately Seeking Susan tonight on the library’s roof

The last of this summer’s Pitch– and Kansas City Public Library-sponsored Off the Wall rooftop movies is tonight at the Central Library (14 West 10th Street), and our selection — 1985’s Desperately Seeking Susan — is worth a few exclamations. To wit: See the Statue of Liberty clad in its restoration scaffolding! See Madonna before she was clad in restoration scaffolding! Rosanna Arquette is still the best Arquette! Steven Wright plays a dentist! Underground-music cult heroes John Lurie, Arto Lindsay and Richard Hell cameo! It is only an hour and 40 minutes long! Whew, let’s take a breath. OK, that’s better. Where were we? Right: There’s the usual free beer from KC Bier Co. before the show! Doors at 8, movie a bit before 9, and you can be home asleep by midnight! (Remember: There’s free covered parking in the library’s garage, and if today’s rain lasts into the evening, we’ll watch the movie in the auditorium adjacent to the rooftop terrace.)

You can dance for inspiration after the jump.

The trailer provides a little Aidan Quinn fan service:
And of course this is the movie that (kind of) gave us “Into the Groove,” one of the great Madonna songs:

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