George Brett pulls a pine-tar prank on Gordon, Francouer (Video)

If enough time passes, apparently you can laugh about anything. Former Royal George Brett had some fun at the expense of current Royals Alex Gordon and Jeff Francoeur during Spring Training.

In a video posted today by MLB Fan Cave, Gordon and Francoeur are giving a small group a lesson on how to pine tar a bat. They’re poking fun at Brett when he comes roaring into the frame, demanding to know what they’re doing. After Big-Timing them (he suggests Francouer should be “over in the batting cage hitting off a tee”), Brett then cracks up and the stunned crowd and two players laugh alongside him. Whether it’s a setup or an actual prank is up for debate, but either way the Royals have had plenty to laugh about in Arizona this spring, compiling a 9-0-1 record.

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