General Motors seeks new employees in Kansas City, continues new training program

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General Motors is expanding employment at its Fairfax manufacturing facility amidst criticism over the company’s handling of American employment opportunities. // Image courtesy of General Motors

General Motors is opening new employment opportunities up to Kansas Citians.

The company’s Fairfax-based manufacturing facility has over 2,100 employees and is on the hunt for more. The Automotive Manufacturing Electrical College, which launched in late 2020 in hopes of training new and current employees, has already had an impact on Kansas City.

Students of the program receive an immersive education both in an out of the classroom that gives them a hand in electrical processes like diagnostics, schematics, and assembly. The first six to 12 months of the program are spent in training before participants make the transition to a General Motors assembly facility.

This comes amidst criticism toward General Motors for putting funds toward the company’s facility in Mexico and creating more job opportunities there than in the United States. The plant’s union in Mexico was recently accused of labor rights violations. On Wednesday, Mexico was asked to review these allegations.

The company’s union workers here in America called the distribution of money toward Mexico’s plant a “slap in the face“. The expansion of United States employment through the AMEC program could potentially be a step in the direction of rectifying it.

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