Gardner, KS hosts Cat Fancier Association Midwest’s yearly competition

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Most of our feeds are, by our own curation here at The Pitch, overwhelmingly comprised of cat memes, cat videos, and other cat related joy. This is a cat publication. [We have great dogs too, but come along for the intro narrative without asking questions.]

Amid all the felines doing fun things from different corners of the globe, we caught a plug for a local cat event, specifically a cat show. And not just a series of cats up for adoption like we first though.

Nay. Competitive cat show.Screenshot 2022 11 30 At 15537 Pm

Instant RSVP. Weekend plans set.

CFA Midwest puts on a cat show in Gardner, KS each year. Not knowing what to expect, we headed out, imagining something closer to a small circus with cat tricks, walking on tightropes, or a talent show with claws. Our expectations were set unreasonably high. And it was that—a bit of a talent show for 120 purebred and household cats, rocking Gardner—from Bengals, Siberians, Persians, Siamese, to many other breeds. The cats had their little homes set up for relaxing and awaiting their turn in the ring with the judges. Cat owners were brushing out silky coats, putting them in their costumes for one of the contests, or making small talk with the spectators.

Visiting all the cats in attendance and chatting with owners, we met a family that brought two cats with them. One cat was competing in the prestigious Top Cat category. The other was a spunky boy named Mr. Joshua, dressed to the nines in a Superman costume for one of the events. Yes, there were cats in costume, in real life. Everyone who didn’t come to this missed out.

With Joshua’s owners, as with a number of other cat-parents in attendance, it didn’t take long for the conversation to stir into the number of offspring each kitty has racked up, and of course, the elaborate medical fees that folks are willing to pay to keep their furballs healthy. The care on display permeated the room, for both attendees and participants, as this love affair for tiny companions took center stage.

Well, that and Mr. Joshua dressed as Superman.

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