Garage, Psych Lovers Take Note: Black Hollies and Strange Boys coming to venues near you

The Black Hollies

Monday, June 15, at the Jackpot and Tuesday, June 16, at the

Record Bar

Hailing from Jersey City and looking like they just came from an Old Grey Whistle Test audition, the Black Hollies return to our daisy patch next week with songs that would give Count Five a psychotic reaction. When they came to the Record Bar in May of last year, I and the dozen or so others who caught it had a total blast. Though on record, the group sounds very throwbacky, they know how to bring it live, rocking out like Cream at the flippin’ Royal Albert Hall. Right-click-save-as the song below and just try not to dance at your desk.

MP3: The Black Hollies, “Paisely Pattern Ground” from Casting Shadows (Ernest Jennings Record Co.)

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