Garage A Trois


Unfortunately, one of this year’s most promising new avant-garde collectives has saddled itself with a deceptively unappealing name. Despite its pun-drunk moniker, Garage A Trois is no slop-rock outfit. On the group’s debut disc, Emphasizer, Galactic drummer Stanton Moore, eight-string guitarist Charlie Hunter, saxophonist Sherik, and percussionist and serial collaborator Mike Dillon (Malachy Papers, Hairy Apes BMX, Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade) play the sort of unfailingly riveting instrumentals that can make the idea of an endless jam session sound like paradise. The group’s original compositions travel through tropical territory, frolic during funky flourishes, build to dangerous speeds, then bask in a mellow, melodic afterglow. As enthralling as the album can be, Emphasizer likely holds not a candle to Garage a Trois’ live show, which figures to expand the band’s four-minute songs into epic jazz odysseys.

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