Game Breakers

Another album likely to be heard blasting out of trunk speakers throughout the metro area is the latest from Game Breakers, 2 of the Vicious. Over thumping beats that are occasionally reminiscent of the No Limit team’s work with Mystikal, this duo spits lyrical venom at “haters and hos.” On the Sir Mix-A-Lot/Juvenile-style booty ode, “Wide By the Thighs,” the Breakers break the news that If you only weigh 140, you can’t lay in my bed. Later. On “Shake ‘Em,” they instruct players-to-be that No matter how you leave ’em, leave ’em with no clothes. When not offering romantic advice, Game Breakers flex their lyrical muscles on “Heat,” emerge victorious from a battle with some busters from Montana on the title track, and deliver a somber take on growing up in the ‘hood on the standout song “Everyday Struggle.” For those looking to rock something rough, 2 of the Vicious offers the same level of quality as many of its nationally established peers in the gangsta genre, with the added satisfaction of hearing local references pop up in the verses.

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