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“To those who want to say our fanbase has gotten soft, we actually had more attendance in Arrowhead this year than we did in 2001. I’m very proud of the fact that once again we will be second-highest-attended NFL team in the AFC and fourth in the NFL.”
Carl Peterson, during his season-ending press conference

GH: NFL general managers and owners will preach that great fans support their favorite teams whether they win or lose. What they don’t tell you is that loyal fans like those who fill Arrowhead are one of the reasons the team continues to lose.

“Guys, I don’t read what’s going on, and I don’t listen to what’s going on. I try to tell the truth, although I can’t get into names and details sometimes. But overall, I can present an honest tone to what’s going on.”
Dick Vermeil, KCFX 101.1

GH: In three sentences, Vermeil managed to discredit anyone in the Kansas City media who covers the Chiefs. I’ve always been most cautious of people who have to tell me they’re honest.

“I may not be around when we catch up, but we’ll be in a lot better shape when I leave than when I got here.”
Vermeil, boasting that he has improved the Chiefs’ position with regard to the salary cap, 101.1

GH: Where do we pick up those salary-cap rings?

“I don’t think there are going to be wholesale changes on [the Chiefs’] defense. When they line up next year, I think you’re going to see pretty much the same defense. They like the players they have.”
Adam Teicher, WHB 810

GH: So, according to Teicher, not only is Greg Robinson coming back as the defensive coordinator, but he’s bringing his merry men in tights with him.

“Coach [Quin] Snyder’s assistant at Missouri, he was like, ‘Well, to be a man here, a Tiger, you’ve got to cut your braids.’ I was like, ‘Oh.’ Coach [Roy] Williams, on my [recruiting] trip he said, ‘Is there anything else you need to talk to me about?’ I said, ‘Do you care about the braids? Do I have to cut ’em?’ He said, ‘No. I recruited you like that, son.'”
Jeff Graves, KU’s cornrowed post man, Lawrence Journal-World

GH: Has Graves ever heard of Wesley Stokes?

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