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“A lot of folks don’t know me very well. I’m probably too open at times. Anybody can walk into my practice who wants to. In my heart, I’ve never had anything to hide.”
Bud Lathrop, Raytown South basketball coach, after he was suspended for unspecified issues that may have involved his use of abusive language and his custom of hitting players with a wooden paddle, WHB 810

“I don’t know if you’ve been through Raytown lately, but you might want to carry a wooden paddle yourself with all the juvenile delinquents running around there.”
Bill Maas, 810

“They can kiss my you-know-what if they’re not willing to ante up and put a winning product on the field. I’ll be the first one down there to Arrowhead Stadium to burn my season-ticket renewal notice. As far as status quo, I’ve had enough of it.”
Mike, a caller who claimed to be the owner of ten Chiefs’ season tickets since 1988, 810

“It’s a rule, and I think we should enforce the rules. If we’re going to choose to not enforce coaches staying in the coach’s box, then when one of my kids goes to the free-throw line, I’ll just have him take a couple of dribbles and lay it up instead of shooting it from 15 feet.”
Roy Williams, when asked why coaches like Iowa State’s Larry Eustachy and Oklahoma’s Kelvin Sampson are allowed to abuse the coaching-box rule, Hawk Talk

“Once these [Kansas] guys get going, they don’t stop. It’s nice to know it doesn’t get worse than this.”
John Turek, Nebraska’s 6-foot-9-inch sophomore, after Nebraska’s 22nd loss to KU in its last 23 trips to Allen Fieldhouse, The Omaha World-Herald

GH: All the experts are saying the winner of the Big 12 will have at least three losses this season. Unless Duke is planning on joining the Big 12 next week, I don’t see KU losing to anybody except maybe Mizzou in Columbia. Face it, the Hawks are loaded, and Kirk Hinrich is the best player in the conference.

“Hell, no, I don’t wear a cup. I play in the outfield! If I get hit in the nuts with a ball in the outfield, I don’t need to be out there.”
Torii Hunter, Minnesota Twins center fielder, The Jim Rome Show

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