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“Bud Lathrop has been a role model in our community, and for anybody to take any other kind of stance on this is absolutely ludicrous.”
— Bill Maas, after Raytown South High School suspended its longtime basketball coach for cursing at players and Lathrop admitted his habit of hitting players with a wooden paddle during practice, WHB 810

“Years ago we really swatted kids. If they were late to gym, they got swatted. All coaches, we swatted ’em. The thing is, they weren’t late anymore, either. Compared to what a swat was 25 years ago, it’s like a bird kissing you on the cheek. But if you touch ’em, it’s a swat, I guess.”
— Bud Lathrop, Metro Sports

“I’m not blaming our school. I’m not blaming anybody. Not everybody’s going to agree with me. But if I save just one kid … ”
— Lathrop, whose voice broke during this interview with Frank Boal and Maas, 810

“The whole paddle deal at Raytown South High School is pretty close to being a farce. I’m going to shoot right from the hip tonight, folks. First of all, there is nothing new on this incident of tapping the players on the behind with a paddle. It’s part of a little game they’ve been playing for many, many years during practice at Raytown South. I know it doesn’t make it right, but the students are aware of it, the faculty knows all about it … School officials have gone behind Lathrop’s back soliciting comments from his players … It’s no secret that Lathrop’s been known to use some colorful language.”
— Jack Harry, KSHB Channel 41

“I’ll simply state that I know Bud and [his wife] Gay, and they are people of faith and people I respect. People will ask me what coach as an amateur was most influential in my career, and I always answer, ‘Bud Lathrop.’ My take on this whole thing is that Bud brings a lot of great things to the table, and if things aren’t perfect, I defy anyone to stand up and say they are.”
— Bob Dernier, former Raytown South athlete and Major League Baseball player, 810

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